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Change of Circumstance form


You can use this form to tell us about changes regarding your personal or business address.

Personal address

Use this form to tell us the following:

  • You are moving in, within or out of Rushcliffe

  • There is a change to your household, for example, someone has moved in or out

  • You have changed your name.

If you are moving in or out of rented accommodation, you will also need to provide the name and address of your landlord or managing agent.

You cannot use this form to change your electoral registration details. If you are moving into or within Rushcliffe complete the new electoral registration form. If you are moving out of Rushcliffe contact your new council. If you have changed your name please send an email to requesting a form. Please include your name and address.

Business address

Use this form to tell us the following:

  • Change in business name

  • Change in contact details

  • New business starting up

  • Business closing down

  • Business moving to a new address.